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Livvie Here [19 Aug 2004|08:55pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello my fellow cast members...wow it's been awhile since I've spoken to some of you. I hope you didn't all miss me too much *kiss* lol. This is a new Liv for those of you who don't know. The previous owner of Liv's journal didn't have time to keep up, just so you know. Hopefully you all love me as much. Well I hope to talk with you all soon.

Love, Liv

Hug a Hobbit

[08 Aug 2004|02:01pm]

Hi everyone! I'm glad that I am able to join this community. I haven't seen a lot of you in a long time and I miss all of you, especially Miss Livvie. I want my Miss Livvie, does anyone know where she is?
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[05 Aug 2004|11:17am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Okay everyone, poll time!

In a fighting match between Jessica Alba and Me and Sean, who do you think would win?

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[02 Aug 2004|01:25pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

That icon...is so true...

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